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nsDOMCSSDeclaration Class Reference

#include <nsDOMCSSDeclaration.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual nsresult QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)
GetCssText (nsAString &aCssText)
virtual nsresult SetCssText (const nsAString &aCssText)
virtual nsresult GetPropertyValue (const nsAString &propertyName, nsAString &_retval)
virtual nsresult GetPropertyCSSValue (const nsAString &propertyName, nsIDOMCSSValue **_retval)
virtual nsresult RemoveProperty (const nsAString &propertyName, nsAString &_retval)
virtual nsresult GetPropertyPriority (const nsAString &propertyName, nsAString &_retval)
virtual nsresult SetProperty (const nsAString &propertyName, const nsAString &value, const nsAString &priority)
virtual nsresult GetLength (PRUint32 *aLength)
virtual nsresult Item (PRUint32 index, nsAString &_retval)
virtual nsresult GetParentRule (nsIDOMCSSRule **aParentRule)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual nsresult GetCSSDeclaration (nsCSSDeclaration **aDecl, PRBool aAllocate)=0
virtual nsresult DeclarationChanged ()=0
virtual nsIDocument * DocToUpdate ()=0
virtual nsresult GetCSSParsingEnvironment (nsIURI **aSheetURI, nsIURI **aBaseURI, nsIPrincipal **aSheetPrincipal, nsICSSLoader **aCSSLoader, nsICSSParser **aCSSParser)=0
nsresult ParsePropertyValue (const nsCSSProperty aPropID, const nsAString &aPropValue)
nsresult ParseDeclaration (const nsAString &aDecl, PRBool aParseOnlyOneDecl, PRBool aClearOldDecl)
nsresult RemoveProperty (const nsCSSProperty aPropID)
virtual ~nsDOMCSSDeclaration ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual nsDOMCSSDeclaration::~nsDOMCSSDeclaration (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::DeclarationChanged (  )  [protected, pure virtual]
virtual nsIDocument* nsDOMCSSDeclaration::DocToUpdate (  )  [protected, pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCSSDeclaration ( nsCSSDeclaration **  aDecl,
PRBool  aAllocate 
) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCSSParsingEnvironment ( nsIURI **  aSheetURI,
nsIURI **  aBaseURI,
nsIPrincipal **  aSheetPrincipal,
nsICSSLoader **  aCSSLoader,
nsICSSParser **  aCSSParser 
) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual NS_DECL_NSICSSDECLARATION nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetCssText ( nsAString aCssText  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetLength ( PRUint32 *  aLength  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetParentRule ( nsIDOMCSSRule **  aParentRule  )  [pure virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetPropertyCSSValue ( const nsAString propertyName,
nsIDOMCSSValue **  _retval 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetPropertyPriority ( const nsAString propertyName,
nsAString _retval 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetPropertyValue ( const nsAString propertyName,
nsAString _retval 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::Item ( PRUint32  index,
nsAString _retval 
) [virtual]
nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::ParseDeclaration ( const nsAString aDecl,
PRBool  aParseOnlyOneDecl,
PRBool  aClearOldDecl 
) [protected]
nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::ParsePropertyValue ( const nsCSSProperty  aPropID,
const nsAString aPropValue 
) [protected]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::QueryInterface ( REFNSIID  aIID,
void **  aInstancePtr 
) [virtual]
nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::RemoveProperty ( const nsCSSProperty  aPropID  )  [protected]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::RemoveProperty ( const nsAString propertyName,
nsAString _retval 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::SetCssText ( const nsAString aCssText  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsDOMCSSDeclaration::SetProperty ( const nsAString propertyName,
const nsAString value,
const nsAString priority 
) [virtual]

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