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nsCopySupport Class Reference

#include <nsCopySupport.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult HTMLCopy (nsISelection *aSel, nsIDocument *aDoc, PRInt16 aClipboardID)
static nsresult DoHooks (nsIDocument *aDoc, nsITransferable *aTrans, PRBool *aDoPutOnClipboard)
static nsresult IsPlainTextContext (nsISelection *aSel, nsIDocument *aDoc, PRBool *aIsPlainTextContext)
static nsresult GetContents (const nsACString &aMimeType, PRUint32 aFlags, nsISelection *aSel, nsIDocument *aDoc, nsAString &outdata)
static nsresult ImageCopy (nsIImageLoadingContent *aImageElement, PRInt32 aCopyFlags)
static nsresult GetClipboardEventTarget (nsISelection *aSel, nsIDOMNode **aEventTarget)
static nsresult GetTransferableForSelection (nsISelection *aSelection, nsIDocument *aDocument, nsITransferable **aTransferable)

Member Function Documentation

static nsresult nsCopySupport::DoHooks ( nsIDocument *  aDoc,
nsITransferable aTrans,
PRBool aDoPutOnClipboard 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::GetClipboardEventTarget ( nsISelection aSel,
nsIDOMNode **  aEventTarget 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::GetContents ( const nsACString aMimeType,
PRUint32  aFlags,
nsISelection aSel,
nsIDocument *  aDoc,
nsAString outdata 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::GetTransferableForSelection ( nsISelection aSelection,
nsIDocument *  aDocument,
nsITransferable **  aTransferable 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::HTMLCopy ( nsISelection aSel,
nsIDocument *  aDoc,
PRInt16  aClipboardID 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::ImageCopy ( nsIImageLoadingContent aImageElement,
PRInt32  aCopyFlags 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCopySupport::IsPlainTextContext ( nsISelection aSel,
nsIDocument *  aDoc,
PRBool aIsPlainTextContext 
) [static]

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