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nsChannelReader Class Reference

#include <nsChannelReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsChannelReader ()
 ~nsChannelReader ()
void Init (nsMediaStream *aStream)
 Initialize the reader with the edia stream.
nsMediaStreamStream ()
void SetLastFrameTime (PRInt64 aTime)
nsIPrincipalGetCurrentPrincipal ()
OggPlayErrorCode initialise (int aBlock)
OggPlayErrorCode destroy ()
size_t io_read (char *aBuffer, size_t aCount)
int io_seek (long aOffset, int aWhence)
long io_tell ()
ogg_int64_t duration ()

Public Attributes

nsAutoPtr< nsMediaStreammStream
PRInt64 mLastFrameTime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsChannelReader::nsChannelReader (  ) 
nsChannelReader::~nsChannelReader (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

OggPlayErrorCode nsChannelReader::destroy (  ) 
ogg_int64_t nsChannelReader::duration (  ) 
nsIPrincipal* nsChannelReader::GetCurrentPrincipal (  ) 
void nsChannelReader::Init ( nsMediaStream aStream  ) 

Initialize the reader with the edia stream.

This takes ownership of aStream.

OggPlayErrorCode nsChannelReader::initialise ( int  aBlock  ) 
size_t nsChannelReader::io_read ( char *  aBuffer,
size_t  aCount 
int nsChannelReader::io_seek ( long  aOffset,
int  aWhence 
long nsChannelReader::io_tell (  ) 
void nsChannelReader::SetLastFrameTime ( PRInt64  aTime  ) 
nsMediaStream* nsChannelReader::Stream (  )  [inline]

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