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nsCacheService Class Reference

#include <nsCacheService.h>

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Public Member Functions

nsCacheService ()
virtual ~nsCacheService ()
nsresult Init ()
void Shutdown ()

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult Create (nsISupports *outer, const nsIID &iid, void **result)
static nsresult OpenCacheEntry (nsCacheSession *session, const nsACString &key, nsCacheAccessMode accessRequested, PRBool blockingMode, nsICacheListener *listener, nsICacheEntryDescriptor **result)
 Methods called by nsCacheSession.
static nsresult EvictEntriesForSession (nsCacheSession *session)
static nsresult IsStorageEnabledForPolicy (nsCacheStoragePolicy storagePolicy, PRBool *result)
static void CloseDescriptor (nsCacheEntryDescriptor *descriptor)
 Methods called by nsCacheEntryDescriptor.
static nsresult GetFileForEntry (nsCacheEntry *entry, nsIFile **result)
static nsresult OpenInputStreamForEntry (nsCacheEntry *entry, nsCacheAccessMode mode, PRUint32 offset, nsIInputStream **result)
static nsresult OpenOutputStreamForEntry (nsCacheEntry *entry, nsCacheAccessMode mode, PRUint32 offset, nsIOutputStream **result)
static nsresult OnDataSizeChange (nsCacheEntry *entry, PRInt32 deltaSize)
static nsresult SetCacheElement (nsCacheEntry *entry, nsISupports *element)
static nsresult ValidateEntry (nsCacheEntry *entry)
static nsCacheServiceGlobalInstance ()
 Methods called by any cache classes.
static nsresult DoomEntry (nsCacheEntry *entry)
static PRBool IsStorageEnabledForPolicy_Locked (nsCacheStoragePolicy policy)
static void ReleaseObject_Locked (nsISupports *object, nsIEventTarget *target=0)
static void OnProfileShutdown (PRBool cleanse)
 Methods called by nsCacheProfilePrefObserver.
static void OnProfileChanged ()
static void SetDiskCacheEnabled (PRBool enabled)
static void SetDiskCacheCapacity (PRInt32 capacity)
static void SetOfflineCacheEnabled (PRBool enabled)
static void SetOfflineCacheCapacity (PRInt32 capacity)
static void SetMemoryCache ()
static void OnEnterExitPrivateBrowsing ()


class nsCacheServiceAutoLock
class nsOfflineCacheDevice

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual nsCacheService::~nsCacheService (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static void nsCacheService::CloseDescriptor ( nsCacheEntryDescriptor *  descriptor  )  [static]

Methods called by nsCacheEntryDescriptor.

static nsresult nsCacheService::Create ( nsISupports outer,
const nsIID &  iid,
void **  result 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::DoomEntry ( nsCacheEntry *  entry  )  [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::EvictEntriesForSession ( nsCacheSession *  session  )  [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::GetFileForEntry ( nsCacheEntry *  entry,
nsIFile **  result 
) [static]
static nsCacheService* nsCacheService::GlobalInstance (  )  [inline, static]

Methods called by any cache classes.

nsresult nsCacheService::Init (  ) 
static nsresult nsCacheService::IsStorageEnabledForPolicy ( nsCacheStoragePolicy  storagePolicy,
PRBool result 
) [static]
static PRBool nsCacheService::IsStorageEnabledForPolicy_Locked ( nsCacheStoragePolicy  policy  )  [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::OnDataSizeChange ( nsCacheEntry *  entry,
PRInt32  deltaSize 
) [static]
static void nsCacheService::OnEnterExitPrivateBrowsing (  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::OnProfileChanged (  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::OnProfileShutdown ( PRBool  cleanse  )  [static]

Methods called by nsCacheProfilePrefObserver.

static nsresult nsCacheService::OpenCacheEntry ( nsCacheSession *  session,
const nsACString key,
nsCacheAccessMode  accessRequested,
PRBool  blockingMode,
nsICacheListener listener,
nsICacheEntryDescriptor **  result 
) [static]

Methods called by nsCacheSession.

static nsresult nsCacheService::OpenInputStreamForEntry ( nsCacheEntry *  entry,
nsCacheAccessMode  mode,
PRUint32  offset,
nsIInputStream **  result 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::OpenOutputStreamForEntry ( nsCacheEntry *  entry,
nsCacheAccessMode  mode,
PRUint32  offset,
nsIOutputStream **  result 
) [static]
static void nsCacheService::ReleaseObject_Locked ( nsISupports object,
nsIEventTarget target = 0 
) [static]
static nsresult nsCacheService::SetCacheElement ( nsCacheEntry *  entry,
nsISupports element 
) [static]
static void nsCacheService::SetDiskCacheCapacity ( PRInt32  capacity  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::SetDiskCacheEnabled ( PRBool  enabled  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::SetMemoryCache (  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::SetOfflineCacheCapacity ( PRInt32  capacity  )  [static]
static void nsCacheService::SetOfflineCacheEnabled ( PRBool  enabled  )  [static]
void nsCacheService::Shutdown (  ) 
static nsresult nsCacheService::ValidateEntry ( nsCacheEntry *  entry  )  [static]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class nsCacheServiceAutoLock [friend]
friend class nsOfflineCacheDevice [friend]

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