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nsCSSStyleSheet Class Reference

#include <nsCSSStyleSheet.h>

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Public Types

enum  EnsureUniqueInnerResult { eUniqueInner_AlreadyUnique, eUniqueInner_ClonedInner, eUniqueInner_CloneFailed }

Public Member Functions

 nsCSSStyleSheet ()
virtual NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS nsresult GetSheetURI (nsIURI **aSheetURI) const
virtual nsresult GetBaseURI (nsIURI **aBaseURI) const
virtual nsresult GetTitle (nsString_external &aTitle) const
virtual nsresult GetType (nsString_external &aType) const
virtual PRBool HasRules () const
virtual nsresult GetApplicable (PRBool &aApplicable) const
virtual nsresult SetEnabled (PRBool aEnabled)
virtual nsresult GetComplete (PRBool &aComplete) const
virtual nsresult SetComplete ()
virtual nsresult GetParentSheet (nsIStyleSheet *&aParent) const
virtual nsresult GetOwningDocument (nsIDocument *&aDocument) const
virtual nsresult SetOwningDocument (nsIDocument *aDocument)
virtual nsresult AppendStyleSheet (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet)
virtual nsresult InsertStyleSheetAt (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet, PRInt32 aIndex)
virtual nsresult PrependStyleRule (nsICSSRule *aRule)
virtual nsresult AppendStyleRule (nsICSSRule *aRule)
virtual nsresult ReplaceStyleRule (nsICSSRule *aOld, nsICSSRule *aNew)
virtual nsresult StyleRuleCount (PRInt32 &aCount) const
virtual nsresult GetStyleRuleAt (PRInt32 aIndex, nsICSSRule *&aRule) const
virtual nsresult DeleteRuleFromGroup (nsICSSGroupRule *aGroup, PRUint32 aIndex)
virtual nsresult InsertRuleIntoGroup (const nsAString &aRule, nsICSSGroupRule *aGroup, PRUint32 aIndex, PRUint32 *_retval)
virtual nsresult ReplaceRuleInGroup (nsICSSGroupRule *aGroup, nsICSSRule *aOld, nsICSSRule *aNew)
virtual nsresult StyleSheetCount (PRInt32 &aCount) const
virtual nsresult GetStyleSheetAt (PRInt32 aIndex, nsICSSStyleSheet *&aSheet) const
virtual nsresult SetURIs (nsIURI *aSheetURI, nsIURI *aOriginalSheetURI, nsIURI *aBaseURI)
virtual void SetPrincipal (nsIPrincipal *aPrincipal)
virtual nsIPrincipalPrincipal () const
virtual nsresult SetTitle (const nsAString &aTitle)
virtual nsresult SetMedia (nsMediaList *aMedia)
virtual nsresult SetOwningNode (nsIDOMNode *aOwningNode)
virtual nsresult SetOwnerRule (nsICSSImportRule *aOwnerRule)
virtual nsresult GetOwnerRule (nsICSSImportRule **aOwnerRule)
virtual nsXMLNameSpaceMapGetNameSpaceMap () const
virtual nsresult Clone (nsICSSStyleSheet *aCloneParent, nsICSSImportRule *aCloneOwnerRule, nsIDocument *aCloneDocument, nsIDOMNode *aCloneOwningNode, nsICSSStyleSheet **aClone) const
virtual nsresult IsModified (PRBool *aSheetModified) const
virtual nsresult SetModified (PRBool aModified)
virtual nsresult AddRuleProcessor (nsCSSRuleProcessor *aProcessor)
virtual nsresult DropRuleProcessor (nsCSSRuleProcessor *aProcessor)
virtual nsresult InsertRuleInternal (const nsAString &aRule, PRUint32 aIndex, PRUint32 *aReturn)
virtual nsIURIGetOriginalURI () const
virtual nsresult StyleSheetLoaded (nsICSSStyleSheet *aSheet, PRBool aWasAlternate, nsresult aStatus)
EnsureUniqueInnerResult EnsureUniqueInner ()
PRBool AppendAllChildSheets (nsTArray< nsCSSStyleSheet * > &aArray)
PRBool UseForPresentation (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsMediaQueryResultCacheKey &aKey) const

Static Public Member Functions

RebuildChildList (nsICSSRule *aRule, void *aBuilder)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~nsCSSStyleSheet ()
void ClearRuleCascades ()
nsresult WillDirty ()
void DidDirty ()
nsresult SubjectSubsumesInnerPrincipal () const
nsresult RegisterNamespaceRule (nsICSSRule *aRule)

Protected Attributes

nsString_external mTitle
nsCOMPtr< nsMediaList > mMedia
nsRefPtr< nsCSSStyleSheetmNext
nsICSSStyleSheet * mParent
nsICSSImportRule * mOwnerRule
CSSRuleListImpl * mRuleCollection
nsIDocument * mDocument
PRPackedBool mDisabled
PRPackedBool mDirty
< nsCSSRuleProcessor *, 8 > * 


class nsMediaList
class nsCSSRuleProcessor
struct ChildSheetListBuilder
nsresult NS_NewCSSStyleSheet (nsICSSStyleSheet **aInstancePtrResult)

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsCSSStyleSheet::nsCSSStyleSheet (  ) 
virtual nsCSSStyleSheet::~nsCSSStyleSheet (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::AddRuleProcessor ( nsCSSRuleProcessor aProcessor  )  [virtual]
PRBool nsCSSStyleSheet::AppendAllChildSheets ( nsTArray< nsCSSStyleSheet * > &  aArray  ) 
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::AppendStyleRule ( nsICSSRule *  aRule  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::AppendStyleSheet ( nsICSSStyleSheet *  aSheet  )  [virtual]
void nsCSSStyleSheet::ClearRuleCascades (  )  [protected]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::Clone ( nsICSSStyleSheet *  aCloneParent,
nsICSSImportRule *  aCloneOwnerRule,
nsIDocument *  aCloneDocument,
nsIDOMNode aCloneOwningNode,
nsICSSStyleSheet **  aClone 
) const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::DeleteRuleFromGroup ( nsICSSGroupRule *  aGroup,
PRUint32  aIndex 
) [virtual]
void nsCSSStyleSheet::DidDirty (  )  [protected]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::DropRuleProcessor ( nsCSSRuleProcessor aProcessor  )  [virtual]
EnsureUniqueInnerResult nsCSSStyleSheet::EnsureUniqueInner (  ) 
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetApplicable ( PRBool aApplicable  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetBaseURI ( nsIURI **  aBaseURI  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetComplete ( PRBool aComplete  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsXMLNameSpaceMap* nsCSSStyleSheet::GetNameSpaceMap (  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsIURI* nsCSSStyleSheet::GetOriginalURI (  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetOwnerRule ( nsICSSImportRule **  aOwnerRule  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetOwningDocument ( nsIDocument *&  aDocument  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetParentSheet ( nsIStyleSheet *&  aParent  )  const [virtual]
virtual NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetSheetURI ( nsIURI **  aSheetURI  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetStyleRuleAt ( PRInt32  aIndex,
nsICSSRule *&  aRule 
) const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetStyleSheetAt ( PRInt32  aIndex,
nsICSSStyleSheet *&  aSheet 
) const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetTitle ( nsString_external aTitle  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::GetType ( nsString_external aType  )  const [virtual]
virtual PRBool nsCSSStyleSheet::HasRules (  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::InsertRuleInternal ( const nsAString aRule,
PRUint32  aIndex,
PRUint32 *  aReturn 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::InsertRuleIntoGroup ( const nsAString aRule,
nsICSSGroupRule *  aGroup,
PRUint32  aIndex,
PRUint32 *  _retval 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::InsertStyleSheetAt ( nsICSSStyleSheet *  aSheet,
PRInt32  aIndex 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::IsModified ( PRBool aSheetModified  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::PrependStyleRule ( nsICSSRule *  aRule  )  [virtual]
virtual nsIPrincipal* nsCSSStyleSheet::Principal (  )  const [virtual]
void *  aBuilder 
) [static]
nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::RegisterNamespaceRule ( nsICSSRule *  aRule  )  [protected]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::ReplaceRuleInGroup ( nsICSSGroupRule *  aGroup,
nsICSSRule *  aOld,
nsICSSRule *  aNew 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::ReplaceStyleRule ( nsICSSRule *  aOld,
nsICSSRule *  aNew 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetComplete (  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetEnabled ( PRBool  aEnabled  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetMedia ( nsMediaList *  aMedia  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetModified ( PRBool  aModified  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetOwnerRule ( nsICSSImportRule *  aOwnerRule  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetOwningDocument ( nsIDocument *  aDocument  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetOwningNode ( nsIDOMNode aOwningNode  )  [virtual]
virtual void nsCSSStyleSheet::SetPrincipal ( nsIPrincipal aPrincipal  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetTitle ( const nsAString aTitle  )  [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SetURIs ( nsIURI aSheetURI,
nsIURI aOriginalSheetURI,
nsIURI aBaseURI 
) [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::StyleRuleCount ( PRInt32 &  aCount  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::StyleSheetCount ( PRInt32 &  aCount  )  const [virtual]
virtual nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::StyleSheetLoaded ( nsICSSStyleSheet *  aSheet,
PRBool  aWasAlternate,
nsresult  aStatus 
) [virtual]
nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::SubjectSubsumesInnerPrincipal (  )  const [protected]
PRBool nsCSSStyleSheet::UseForPresentation ( nsPresContext aPresContext,
nsMediaQueryResultCacheKey &  aKey 
) const
nsresult nsCSSStyleSheet::WillDirty (  )  [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct ChildSheetListBuilder [friend]
nsresult NS_NewCSSStyleSheet ( nsICSSStyleSheet **  aInstancePtrResult  )  [friend]
friend class nsCSSRuleProcessor [friend]
friend class nsMediaList [friend]

Member Data Documentation

nsIDocument* nsCSSStyleSheet::mDocument [protected]
nsCOMPtr<nsMediaList> nsCSSStyleSheet::mMedia [protected]
nsICSSImportRule* nsCSSStyleSheet::mOwnerRule [protected]
nsICSSStyleSheet* nsCSSStyleSheet::mParent [protected]
CSSRuleListImpl* nsCSSStyleSheet::mRuleCollection [protected]

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