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nsCSSPseudoElements Class Reference

#include <nsCSSPseudoElements.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT (firstLetter,":first-letter",(1<< 0)|(1<< 1)) CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT(firstLine

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddRefAtoms ()
static PRBool IsPseudoElement (nsIAtom *aAtom)
static PRBool IsCSS2PseudoElement (nsIAtom *aAtom)
static PRBool PseudoElementContainsElements (nsIAtom *aAtom)

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Member Function Documentation

static void nsCSSPseudoElements::AddRefAtoms (  )  [static]
nsCSSPseudoElements::CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT ( firstLetter  ,
":first-letter"  ,
(1<< 0)|(1<< 1)   
static PRBool nsCSSPseudoElements::IsCSS2PseudoElement ( nsIAtom aAtom  )  [static]
static PRBool nsCSSPseudoElements::IsPseudoElement ( nsIAtom aAtom  )  [static]
static PRBool nsCSSPseudoElements::PseudoElementContainsElements ( nsIAtom aAtom  )  [inline, static]

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