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nsCSSProps Class Reference

#include <nsCSSProps.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void AddRefTable (void)
static void ReleaseTable (void)
static nsCSSProperty LookupProperty (const nsAString &aProperty)
static nsCSSProperty LookupProperty (const nsACString &aProperty)
static PRBool IsShorthand (nsCSSProperty aProperty)
static nsCSSFontDesc LookupFontDesc (const nsAString &aProperty)
static nsCSSFontDesc LookupFontDesc (const nsACString &aProperty)
static const nsAFlatCStringGetStringValue (nsCSSProperty aProperty)
static const nsAFlatCStringGetStringValue (nsCSSFontDesc aFontDesc)
static nsCSSProperty OtherNameFor (nsCSSProperty aProperty)
static const nsAFlatCStringLookupPropertyValue (nsCSSProperty aProperty, PRInt32 aValue)
static PRBool GetColorName (PRInt32 aPropID, nsCString_external &aStr)
static PRBool FindKeyword (nsCSSKeyword aKeyword, const PRInt32 aTable[], PRInt32 &aValue)
static nsCSSKeyword ValueToKeywordEnum (PRInt32 aValue, const PRInt32 aTable[])
static const nsAFlatCStringValueToKeyword (PRInt32 aValue, const PRInt32 aTable[])
static PRBool PropHasFlags (nsCSSProperty aProperty, PRUint32 aFlags)
static const nsCSSPropertySubpropertyEntryFor (nsCSSProperty aProperty)
static const nsCSSPropertyShorthandsContaining (nsCSSProperty aProperty)

Static Public Attributes

static const nsCSSType kTypeTable [eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands]
static const nsStyleStructID kSIDTable [eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands]
static const PRInt32 *const kKeywordTableTable [eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands]
static const nsStyleAnimType kAnimTypeTable [eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands]
static const ptrdiff_t kStyleStructOffsetTable [eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands]
static const PRInt32 kAppearanceKTable []
static const PRInt32 kAzimuthKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundAttachmentKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundClipKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundInlinePolicyKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundOriginKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundPositionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundRepeatKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBackgroundSizeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBorderCollapseKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBorderColorKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBorderImageKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBorderStyleKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBorderWidthKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxAlignKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxDirectionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxOrientKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxPackKTable []
static const PRInt32 kDominantBaselineKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFillRuleKTable []
static const PRInt32 kImageRenderingKTable []
static const PRInt32 kShapeRenderingKTable []
static const PRInt32 kStrokeLinecapKTable []
static const PRInt32 kStrokeLinejoinKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTextAnchorKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTextRenderingKTable []
static const PRInt32 kColorInterpolationKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxPropSourceKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxShadowTypeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kBoxSizingKTable []
static const PRInt32 kCaptionSideKTable []
static const PRInt32 kClearKTable []
static const PRInt32 kColorKTable []
static const PRInt32 kContentKTable []
static const PRInt32 kCursorKTable []
static const PRInt32 kDirectionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kDisplayKTable []
static const PRInt32 kElevationKTable []
static const PRInt32 kEmptyCellsKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFloatKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFloatEdgeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontSizeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontStretchKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontStyleKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontVariantKTable []
static const PRInt32 kFontWeightKTable []
static const PRInt32 kIMEModeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kLineHeightKTable []
static const PRInt32 kListStylePositionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kListStyleKTable []
static const PRInt32 kOutlineStyleKTable []
static const PRInt32 kOutlineColorKTable []
static const PRInt32 kOverflowKTable []
static const PRInt32 kOverflowSubKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPageBreakKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPageBreakInsideKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPageMarksKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPageSizeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPitchKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPointerEventsKTable []
static const PRInt32 kPositionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kRadialGradientShapeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kRadialGradientSizeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kSpeakKTable []
static const PRInt32 kSpeakHeaderKTable []
static const PRInt32 kSpeakNumeralKTable []
static const PRInt32 kSpeakPunctuationKTable []
static const PRInt32 kSpeechRateKTable []
static const PRInt32 kStackSizingKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTableLayoutKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTextAlignKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTextDecorationKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTextTransformKTable []
static const PRInt32 kTransitionTimingFunctionKTable []
static const PRInt32 kUnicodeBidiKTable []
static const PRInt32 kUserFocusKTable []
static const PRInt32 kUserInputKTable []
static const PRInt32 kUserModifyKTable []
static const PRInt32 kUserSelectKTable []
static const PRInt32 kVerticalAlignKTable []
static const PRInt32 kVisibilityKTable []
static const PRInt32 kVolumeKTable []
static const PRInt32 kWhitespaceKTable []
static const PRInt32 kWidthKTable []
static const PRInt32 kWindowShadowKTable []
static const PRInt32 kWordwrapKTable []

Member Function Documentation

static void nsCSSProps::AddRefTable ( void   )  [static]
static PRBool nsCSSProps::FindKeyword ( nsCSSKeyword  aKeyword,
const PRInt32  aTable[],
PRInt32 &  aValue 
) [static]
static PRBool nsCSSProps::GetColorName ( PRInt32  aPropID,
nsCString_external aStr 
) [static]
static const nsAFlatCString& nsCSSProps::GetStringValue ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty  )  [static]
static const nsAFlatCString& nsCSSProps::GetStringValue ( nsCSSFontDesc  aFontDesc  )  [static]
static PRBool nsCSSProps::IsShorthand ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty  )  [inline, static]
static nsCSSFontDesc nsCSSProps::LookupFontDesc ( const nsAString aProperty  )  [static]
static nsCSSFontDesc nsCSSProps::LookupFontDesc ( const nsACString aProperty  )  [static]
static nsCSSProperty nsCSSProps::LookupProperty ( const nsACString aProperty  )  [static]
static nsCSSProperty nsCSSProps::LookupProperty ( const nsAString aProperty  )  [static]
static const nsAFlatCString& nsCSSProps::LookupPropertyValue ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty,
PRInt32  aValue 
) [static]
static nsCSSProperty nsCSSProps::OtherNameFor ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty  )  [static]
static PRBool nsCSSProps::PropHasFlags ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty,
PRUint32  aFlags 
) [inline, static]
static void nsCSSProps::ReleaseTable ( void   )  [static]
static const nsCSSProperty* nsCSSProps::ShorthandsContaining ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty  )  [inline, static]
static const nsCSSProperty* nsCSSProps::SubpropertyEntryFor ( nsCSSProperty  aProperty  )  [inline, static]
static const nsAFlatCString& nsCSSProps::ValueToKeyword ( PRInt32  aValue,
const PRInt32  aTable[] 
) [static]
static nsCSSKeyword nsCSSProps::ValueToKeywordEnum ( PRInt32  aValue,
const PRInt32  aTable[] 
) [static]

Member Data Documentation

const nsStyleAnimType nsCSSProps::kAnimTypeTable[eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kAppearanceKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kAzimuthKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundAttachmentKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundClipKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundOriginKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundPositionKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundRepeatKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBackgroundSizeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBorderCollapseKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBorderColorKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBorderImageKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBorderStyleKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBorderWidthKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxAlignKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxDirectionKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxOrientKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxPackKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxPropSourceKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxShadowTypeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kBoxSizingKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kCaptionSideKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kClearKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kColorInterpolationKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kColorKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kContentKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kCursorKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kDirectionKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kDisplayKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kDominantBaselineKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kElevationKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kEmptyCellsKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFillRuleKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFloatEdgeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFloatKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontSizeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontStretchKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontStyleKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontVariantKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kFontWeightKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kImageRenderingKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kIMEModeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32* const nsCSSProps::kKeywordTableTable[eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kLineHeightKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kListStyleKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kListStylePositionKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kOutlineColorKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kOutlineStyleKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kOverflowKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kOverflowSubKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPageBreakInsideKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPageBreakKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPageMarksKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPageSizeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPitchKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPointerEventsKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kPositionKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kRadialGradientShapeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kRadialGradientSizeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kShapeRenderingKTable[] [static]
const nsStyleStructID nsCSSProps::kSIDTable[eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kSpeakHeaderKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kSpeakKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kSpeakNumeralKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kSpeakPunctuationKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kSpeechRateKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kStackSizingKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kStrokeLinecapKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kStrokeLinejoinKTable[] [static]
const ptrdiff_t nsCSSProps::kStyleStructOffsetTable[eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTableLayoutKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTextAlignKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTextAnchorKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTextDecorationKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTextRenderingKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kTextTransformKTable[] [static]
const nsCSSType nsCSSProps::kTypeTable[eCSSProperty_COUNT_no_shorthands] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kUnicodeBidiKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kUserFocusKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kUserInputKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kUserModifyKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kUserSelectKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kVerticalAlignKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kVisibilityKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kVolumeKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kWhitespaceKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kWidthKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kWindowShadowKTable[] [static]
const PRInt32 nsCSSProps::kWordwrapKTable[] [static]

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