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nsCOMArray_base Class Reference

#include <nsCOMArray.h>

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Public Member Functions

PRInt32 Count () const
nsISupportsObjectAt (PRInt32 aIndex) const
nsISupportsSafeObjectAt (PRInt32 aIndex) const
nsISupportsoperator[] (PRInt32 aIndex) const
PRBool SetCapacity (PRUint32 aCapacity)

Protected Member Functions

 nsCOMArray_base ()
 nsCOMArray_base (PRInt32 aCount)
 nsCOMArray_base (const nsCOMArray_base &other)
 ~nsCOMArray_base ()
PRInt32 IndexOf (nsISupports *aObject) const
PRInt32 IndexOfObject (nsISupports *aObject) const
PRBool EnumerateForwards (nsVoidArrayEnumFunc aFunc, void *aData)
PRBool EnumerateBackwards (nsVoidArrayEnumFunc aFunc, void *aData)
void Sort (nsVoidArrayComparatorFunc aFunc, void *aData)
void Clear ()
PRBool InsertObjectAt (nsISupports *aObject, PRInt32 aIndex)
PRBool InsertObjectsAt (const nsCOMArray_base &aObjects, PRInt32 aIndex)
PRBool ReplaceObjectAt (nsISupports *aObject, PRInt32 aIndex)
PRBool AppendObject (nsISupports *aObject)
PRBool AppendObjects (const nsCOMArray_base &aObjects)
PRBool RemoveObject (nsISupports *aObject)
PRBool RemoveObjectAt (PRInt32 aIndex)


class nsArray

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsCOMArray_base::nsCOMArray_base (  )  [inline, protected]
nsCOMArray_base::nsCOMArray_base ( PRInt32  aCount  )  [inline, protected]
nsCOMArray_base::nsCOMArray_base ( const nsCOMArray_base other  )  [protected]
nsCOMArray_base::~nsCOMArray_base (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

PRBool nsCOMArray_base::AppendObject ( nsISupports aObject  )  [inline, protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::AppendObjects ( const nsCOMArray_base aObjects  )  [inline, protected]
void nsCOMArray_base::Clear (  )  [protected]
PRInt32 nsCOMArray_base::Count (  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::EnumerateBackwards ( nsVoidArrayEnumFunc  aFunc,
void *  aData 
) [inline, protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::EnumerateForwards ( nsVoidArrayEnumFunc  aFunc,
void *  aData 
) [inline, protected]
PRInt32 nsCOMArray_base::IndexOf ( nsISupports aObject  )  const [inline, protected]
PRInt32 nsCOMArray_base::IndexOfObject ( nsISupports aObject  )  const [protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::InsertObjectAt ( nsISupports aObject,
PRInt32  aIndex 
) [protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::InsertObjectsAt ( const nsCOMArray_base aObjects,
PRInt32  aIndex 
) [protected]
nsISupports* nsCOMArray_base::ObjectAt ( PRInt32  aIndex  )  const [inline]
nsISupports* nsCOMArray_base::operator[] ( PRInt32  aIndex  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::RemoveObject ( nsISupports aObject  )  [protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::RemoveObjectAt ( PRInt32  aIndex  )  [protected]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::ReplaceObjectAt ( nsISupports aObject,
PRInt32  aIndex 
) [protected]
nsISupports* nsCOMArray_base::SafeObjectAt ( PRInt32  aIndex  )  const [inline]
PRBool nsCOMArray_base::SetCapacity ( PRUint32  aCapacity  )  [inline]
void nsCOMArray_base::Sort ( nsVoidArrayComparatorFunc  aFunc,
void *  aData 
) [inline, protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class nsArray [friend]

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