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nsAccessibleWrap Class Reference

nsAccessibleWrap, and its descendents in atk directory provide the implementation of AtkObject. More...

#include <nsAccessibleWrap.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsAccessibleWrap (nsIDOMNode *, nsIWeakReference *aShell)
virtual ~nsAccessibleWrap ()
void ShutdownAtkObject ()
virtual nsresult Shutdown ()
virtual nsresult GetNativeInterface (void **aOutAccessible)
virtual nsresult FireAccessibleEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent)
AtkObjectGetAtkObject (void)
PRBool IsValidObject ()
MaiHyperlink * GetMaiHyperlink (PRBool aCreate=1)
void SetMaiHyperlink (MaiHyperlink *aMaiHyperlink)

Static Public Member Functions

static AtkObjectGetAtkObject (nsIAccessible *acc)
static const char * ReturnString (nsAString &aString)

Protected Member Functions

virtual nsresult FirePlatformEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent)
nsresult FireAtkStateChangeEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent, AtkObject *aObject)
nsresult FireAtkTextChangedEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent, AtkObject *aObject)
nsresult FireAtkPropChangedEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent, AtkObject *aObject)
nsresult FireAtkShowHideEvent (nsIAccessibleEvent *aEvent, AtkObject *aObject, PRBool aIsAdded)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

nsAccessibleWrap, and its descendents in atk directory provide the implementation of AtkObject.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsAccessibleWrap::nsAccessibleWrap ( nsIDOMNode ,
nsIWeakReference aShell 
virtual nsAccessibleWrap::~nsAccessibleWrap (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FireAccessibleEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent  )  [virtual]
nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FireAtkPropChangedEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent,
AtkObject aObject 
) [protected]
nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FireAtkShowHideEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent,
AtkObject aObject,
PRBool  aIsAdded 
) [protected]
nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FireAtkStateChangeEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent,
AtkObject aObject 
) [protected]
nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FireAtkTextChangedEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent,
AtkObject aObject 
) [protected]
virtual nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::FirePlatformEvent ( nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent  )  [protected, virtual]
AtkObject* nsAccessibleWrap::GetAtkObject ( void   ) 
static AtkObject* nsAccessibleWrap::GetAtkObject ( nsIAccessible acc  )  [static]
MaiHyperlink* nsAccessibleWrap::GetMaiHyperlink ( PRBool  aCreate = 1  ) 
virtual nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::GetNativeInterface ( void **  aOutAccessible  )  [virtual]
PRBool nsAccessibleWrap::IsValidObject (  ) 
static const char* nsAccessibleWrap::ReturnString ( nsAString aString  )  [inline, static]
void nsAccessibleWrap::SetMaiHyperlink ( MaiHyperlink *  aMaiHyperlink  ) 
virtual nsresult nsAccessibleWrap::Shutdown (  )  [virtual]
void nsAccessibleWrap::ShutdownAtkObject (  ) 

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