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inISearchObserver Interface Reference

import "inISearchObserver.idl";

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Public Types

enum  { IN_SUCCESS = 1 }
enum  { IN_INTERRUPTED = 2 }
enum  { IN_ERROR = 3 }

Public Member Functions

NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD OnSearchStart (inISearchProcess *aModule)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD OnSearchResult (inISearchProcess *aModule)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD OnSearchEnd (inISearchProcess *aModule, PRInt16 aResult)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD OnSearchError (inISearchProcess *aModule, const nsAString &aMessage)=0
void onSearchStart (in inISearchProcess aModule)
void onSearchResult (in inISearchProcess aModule)
void onSearchEnd (in inISearchProcess aModule, in short aResult)
void onSearchError (in inISearchProcess aModule, in AString aMessage)

Public Attributes

const short IN_SUCCESS = 1
const short IN_INTERRUPTED = 2
const short IN_ERROR = 3

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum
anonymous enum
anonymous enum

Member Function Documentation

NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inISearchObserver::OnSearchEnd ( inISearchProcess aModule,
PRInt16  aResult 
) [pure virtual]
void inISearchObserver::onSearchEnd ( in inISearchProcess  aModule,
in short  aResult 
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inISearchObserver::OnSearchError ( inISearchProcess aModule,
const nsAString aMessage 
) [pure virtual]
void inISearchObserver::onSearchError ( in inISearchProcess  aModule,
in AString  aMessage 
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inISearchObserver::OnSearchResult ( inISearchProcess aModule  )  [pure virtual]
void inISearchObserver::onSearchResult ( in inISearchProcess  aModule  ) 
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inISearchObserver::OnSearchStart ( inISearchProcess aModule  )  [pure virtual]
void inISearchObserver::onSearchStart ( in inISearchProcess  aModule  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const short inISearchObserver::IN_ERROR = 3
const short inISearchObserver::IN_INTERRUPTED = 2
const short inISearchObserver::IN_SUCCESS = 1

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