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inIDeepTreeWalker Interface Reference

import "inIDeepTreeWalker.idl";

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Public Member Functions

NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetShowAnonymousContent (PRBool *aShowAnonymousContent)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD SetShowAnonymousContent (PRBool aShowAnonymousContent)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetShowSubDocuments (PRBool *aShowSubDocuments)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD SetShowSubDocuments (PRBool aShowSubDocuments)=0
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD Init (nsIDOMNode *aRoot, PRUint32 aWhatToShow)=0
void init (in nsIDOMNode aRoot, in unsigned long aWhatToShow)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean showAnonymousContent
attribute boolean showSubDocuments

Member Function Documentation

NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inIDeepTreeWalker::GetShowAnonymousContent ( PRBool aShowAnonymousContent  )  [pure virtual]
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inIDeepTreeWalker::GetShowSubDocuments ( PRBool aShowSubDocuments  )  [pure virtual]
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inIDeepTreeWalker::Init ( nsIDOMNode aRoot,
PRUint32  aWhatToShow 
) [pure virtual]
void inIDeepTreeWalker::init ( in nsIDOMNode  aRoot,
in unsigned long  aWhatToShow 
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inIDeepTreeWalker::SetShowAnonymousContent ( PRBool  aShowAnonymousContent  )  [pure virtual]
NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD inIDeepTreeWalker::SetShowSubDocuments ( PRBool  aShowSubDocuments  )  [pure virtual]

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