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gfxSparseBitSet Class Reference

#include <gfxFontUtils.h>

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struct  Block

Public Member Functions

 gfxSparseBitSet ()
 gfxSparseBitSet (const gfxSparseBitSet &aBitset)
PRBool test (PRUint32 aIndex) const
PRBool TestRange (PRUint32 aStart, PRUint32 aEnd)
void set (PRUint32 aIndex)
void set (PRUint32 aIndex, PRBool aValue)
void SetRange (PRUint32 aStart, PRUint32 aEnd)
void clear (PRUint32 aIndex)
void ClearRange (PRUint32 aStart, PRUint32 aEnd)
PRUint32 GetSize ()
void reset ()

Public Attributes

nsTArray< nsAutoPtr< Block > > mBlocks

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gfxSparseBitSet::gfxSparseBitSet (  )  [inline]
gfxSparseBitSet::gfxSparseBitSet ( const gfxSparseBitSet aBitset  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void gfxSparseBitSet::clear ( PRUint32  aIndex  )  [inline]
void gfxSparseBitSet::ClearRange ( PRUint32  aStart,
PRUint32  aEnd 
) [inline]
PRUint32 gfxSparseBitSet::GetSize (  )  [inline]
void gfxSparseBitSet::reset (  )  [inline]
void gfxSparseBitSet::set ( PRUint32  aIndex  )  [inline]
void gfxSparseBitSet::set ( PRUint32  aIndex,
PRBool  aValue 
) [inline]
void gfxSparseBitSet::SetRange ( PRUint32  aStart,
PRUint32  aEnd 
) [inline]
PRBool gfxSparseBitSet::test ( PRUint32  aIndex  )  const [inline]
PRBool gfxSparseBitSet::TestRange ( PRUint32  aStart,
PRUint32  aEnd 
) [inline]

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